Hey! I'm Kara!

Certified graphic designer, certified Canva creative, and full time blogger. My passion is to create beautiful, designed-fo- you templates to help you grow your business and your brand with jump-off-the-page graphics that you can create in less time, less money, and less hassle. 

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Amanda from Airman to Mom

When it comes to making graphics the hardest part for me is starting with a blank page. Kara’s templates are a life saver. They give you a starting point to jump off from. And then once I get started the ideas start flowing and I create beautiful products I could have only dreamed about. Thanks Kara!

Alison from Organized Motherhood

Kara's a design genius! I love the way she makes complicated designs so simple. Her templates are beautiful, and she's brilliant at teaching you step-by-step exactly how to use them. She can even make things that take hours (like creating the perfect line in Canva) super easy with a five-second hack. I only wish I had found her sooner!

Rosemarie from The Busy Budgeter

Kara's graphic design skills were a game changer for our blog. Her eye for colors, appreciation for details and an understanding of the blogging and marketing world made for eye catching graphics, increased exposure, professional messaging and increased revenue. Plus, she's a pretty cool chick.

Raluca from Playful Notes

Everything changed when I discovered the Simplifying DIY Design blog and I finally found easy to use templates for my blog! Kara's templates have helped me create and successfully launch 2 products: an ebook for moms (the Playful Mom Challenge Kit) and an activity pack for young kids (the Family Travel Bundle). I've used the templates for the layout of my products, the product mockup images, and the social media graphics. And this has made such a big difference for me!

The thing is that color is powerful. It actually has has the power to evoke a physiological response from the viewer. This means you can literally cause people to feel things just by using color.” - Kara, Simplifying DIY Design

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