Want to outsource your product design and have it professionally created for you?

Each product is custom created. Product creation is one of the greatest returns on investment there is in blogging. If you have tried to create your own product, and you just can't seem to figure it out- don't let that stop you. You can still bring your business to the next level by selling a digital product!! P.S. Check out our inspiration page to see my portfolio. 

  • Printables
  • Workbooks
  • Worksheets
  • Printable cut-outs
  • Planners
  • Courses (slide decks)
  • PDF eProduct Design

    Digital products convert your amazing content to passive income. PDF eProducts include: printables, workbooks, worksheets, ebooks, planners, cut-outs, labels, etc. *This also includes personal items like media kits, sponsorship packages, etc.


    • One page designs/first page- $80
    • $10 per page after that

    Slide decks

    Creating an ecourse?  Bring your course to the next level with custom slide decks (with your branding) to match your brilliant content.


    • $10 per slide

    Custom Template Designs

    This is the PERFECT option for anyone who wants to pay ONCE and be able to use the design over and over and OVER again. We have a variety of custom template packages that will suit all of your business needs. I will use your branding and design you custom templates in either Canva or Adobe Illustrator.


    • Varies per package

    Social Media Images

    Boost your traffic with stunning social media images. This includes Pinterest, Facebook Twitter, Social media headers, infographics and advertisement graphics. 


    • $10 per image

    VIP Clients

    Want to save money by purchasing monthly hours? I have two options available but only limited spots! You will receive a set number of hours per month and you can use them however you would like (any project type). You may exceed the number of monthly hours at a rate of $35/hr


    • $300 for 10 hours (3 spots available)
    • $150 for 5 hours (5 spots available)

    Other services to consider


    Personalized coaching to walk you through what you need to know to grow your blog  by creating killer graphics (and products) in Canva


    Review and critique your project and provide an actionable report on exactly how to improve your design to increase conversions


    Step by step, detailed courses to help you learn how to design in Canva

    How about some free stuff?

    Check out these links, exclusively available to our video course subscribers:

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    Please note that we are currently NOT doing logo design, or website design. PLEASE REVIEW OUR POLICIES, TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PRICING, TURNAROUND TIME, WAIT LIST, AND DESIGN PROCESS. I do my best to address all requests within 24 hours.

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