Want actionable steps to help your design convert better?

Honest and detailed critiques

Can't get your landing page just right? No one noticing your ebook or digital product? Tired of not getting any traffic from Pinterest? Stop guessing. Here's the deal: I'll look at your project and give you a honest and detailed critique. I'll write up a report on what you can do to improve your design and increase conversions. The report will be actionable: things you can do RIGHT NOW to better your design. 

Landing pages

landing pages, sales pages, and squeeze pages. 

Digital Products

Covers, whole designs, one page products, ecourses, slide decks, and more...


Your pins, boards, and entire Pinterest account

What people Are Saying

Knowledgeable and thorough, Kara is a fantastic graphic designer who knows the blogging and military world. She has a keen eye for style, color, and placement which make her graphics attention-grabbing and delightful.


Jo My Gosh

I love being a blogger, but I came into blogging with no graphic design skills. Simplifying DIY Design has become one of my favorite websites because I'm improving my graphic design skills with Kara's help!


Aroma Mama

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here's the thing. Ideas and design take work. Sometimes (when you have no background in graphics) its frustrating trying to get a design to look just right and convert well. Maybe you just can't pinpoint what's wrong or "not clicking" with your audience. I want to help you turn that around. I want to look at your design and give you exact steps to take that will make your design better and convert more. 

I will critique one project per report. Please note that if you choose to have me review your Pinterest account, this includes both your account and your pins. 

Reports are just $24.. what are you waiting for?

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